We have continually worked to upgrade our home. We survey each of our guests and we specifically ask if they would recommend our home to family and friends. In 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and in 2008 every guest that participated in our survey (except 2) said they would recommend our home. This is especially gratifying because we rent 20 weeks per season. We appreciate the loyalty of our guests.

Here are just some of the comments from our guest surveys.

It's a terrific house. You take great care of your house. It was obviously straightened up by you we suppose ( I was there early in the month for maintenance.) We rent in August so we never get to see a kitchen with items where they belong and neatly stocked.

Sally K - Thanksgiving 2014

We found your home on VRBO. The house was very clean with all the proper supplies. Your house is very family oriented and friendly with something for all ages.

Vincent and Christina B - October 2014

The location of your home is just perfect. It also felt more private then some of the other house we have stayed in. We very much enjoyed our week in your home.

Tracy A - September 2014

Me and my cousin decided on this house because it was so beautiful! Thanks for a great vacation!

Jessica W - September 2014

We found your home on VRBO. The house was very well appointed especially the kitchen. The curtains were great at keeping the sun out especailly at nap time.

Adam H - September 2014

Your house was wonderful. it had everything from soup to nuts!

Hilda G. - August 2014

Thanks for sharing,  Your home was great. I would definitely recommend it.

Nancy G - August 2014

Thank you we had a wonderful week! 

Bethany S - August 2014

The house is very nice with a good location. Please feel free to call me or use as a reference.

Ron A - July 2014

House is so close to the ocean, pool and town. Kitchen spacious and well-equiped. 

Alan R. - July 2014

The toys and child gates were very helpful since we had 3 under the age of 2. The toys were great to have. This is a great house.

Doug S - July 2014

Thank you we had a great time. The house was clean and the supplies were great!

Carla - June 2014

We enjoyed our stay very much.

Justin K - May 2014

We want to tell you we really enjoyed staying in your house. It is so well maintained and so well supplied. We really enjoyed the t-shirts and will happily brag about your place whenever we can.

Sally & Joe - Thanksgiving 2013

We just completed a wonderful week at your home in Duck NC. It is the perfect location and the weather cooperated as well. The layout of the home was perfect for our 3 families including 4 toddlers. The toys and the high chair were a great bonus. We appreciate your sharing your home with us - if we come back to the Outer Banks we'll rent your home again.

Ruth B - September 2013

The Gourmet Kitchen reeled us in! We all love to cook - its our chance to cook in a large kitchen. We can't think of what we would need in additon to all the perks you already provide.

Spencer H - September 2013

Appreciated the gate in the kitchen, the toys and books for young children and the high chair - all nice bonuses. It was so nice to recieve a welcome package and a survey after. No one has ever sent me a survey like this after a stay in OBX. Can't think of anything I would do to improve your home.

Laura S - September 2013

We truly enjoyed our stay in your house. Your family pictures wer are lovely touch and inspired us to do a group picture to send to you. I loved the t-shirts you sent and we wanted the group to have them so we had a friend make our own "no worries mate" t-shirts. They were very popular on the beach.

Sandy and Tom D - August 2013

Thanks for a wonderful vacation - we loved your house! The baby/kid stuff, the location, pool, hot tub and the cleanliness.

Andy J - August 2013

We liked the closeness to the beach and the great supply of beach stuff.

Alice S - July 2013

Everything was great - the starter kit was helpful and thoughtful - the location was great!

Jim W - July 2013

We have just returned from a magical week at your home. We came as an extended family ranging in age from 6 months to 67 years. Our grown children and grandchildren came from Boston and Alexandria VA. All of us would your establishment the highest of ratings. We are talking about a return visit.

Peggy and Fred W - July 2013

Thank you so very much for making us feel welcome staying in your beautiful home. Our stay was wonderful and your home was the best renal so far. We look forward to staying in your home in the future.

Sam and Nicole B - June 2013

We would absolutely recommend your home! Proximity to the beach and playgroud was awesome. Pool is great for kids - even non swimmers.

Kristen - June 2013

We really thought you've done a great job with the house! We definitely liked the house and its proximity to the beach.

Philip - June 2013

This is our 3rd stay at your home. Teh heated pool early in the season is always an attraction for us. Everything was great.

Scott W. - April 2013

The house was well stocked - we didn't need anything.

Dolores H - November 2012

Our kids loved the toys. We loved the baby gate and the night lights. Thank you for the welcome letter and the follow-up call.

Shannon C - September 2012

Thank you for making your house so wonderful. We really appreciated the baby gates, high chair, stroller - it made things so much easier on us.

Kristi K - September 2012

Your house is lovely and definitely well stocked. The ice machine on the lower level is awesome.

David L - September 2012

We appreciated the heated pool and our children 2, 3, 4 and 5 loved the playground across the street.

June B - September 2012

Thank You very much - Our family enjoyed our time in your home.

Nancy C - August 2012

We really enjoy your home - 3rd time back.

Frank L - July 2012

The house was clean and the started kit was helpful. No trouble finding anything.

Tim G - July 2012

The pool was fantastic and the closeness to the beach was perfect.

Cheryl P - June 2012

The quality of your home and its amenities was fantastic. We have 2 small children. This was the perfect house for them with all the toys and the baby gate was a life saver.

Laura C - May 2012

Nothing needed - We loved your house.

Lena M - May 2012

The kids loved the toys. I loved the selection of books. I got to laugh with the kids by the pool and enjoy the hammock. We all enjoyed spending time at your home.

Patrick H - April 2012

We were pleased your home was available and would recommend it.

Dan M. - April 2012

It is a great location and the baby gate in the great room was a big help.

Rachel C. - April 2012

The kitchen is a dream.

Emily B - April 2012

Your home has a lot to offer - kids toys, beach gear, comfy beds and of course the heated pool. We really appreciated the call during the week to see how we were making out.

Scott G. - September 2011

We enjoyed the ice cream certificate and would recommend your home.

John E. - September 2011

The house was clean and the welcome kit was great!

Danica F. - October 2010

Thank you! Beautiful home and we all had a great time!

Michele F. - August 2011

Thank you for the use of your lovely home. We had a great time and will rent "no worries mate" again.

Leonard F. - July 2011

Absolutely we would rent your home again. We loved the outdoor shower and home was very well supplied.

Alison O. - July 2011

Found you on VRBO - keep up the maintenance it made the house very good!

Robert L. - July 2011

It was one of the best equipped homes we have stayed in. Great kitchen, plenty of extra pillows and blankets in the bedrooms. Thank you we thoroughly enjoyed your home and the 4 Seasons community.

Karen H. - June 2011

You have done a great job on your house. We know it must be a ton of work! The yard was gorgeous and the house was clean, WE had everything we needed in the kitchen. Great job!

Joey A. - June 2011

Yours was the best stocked and convenient home we have ever stayed in. We had a wonderful time in your beautiful house.

Jennifer S. - June 2011

Starter kit was very thoughtful. Proximity to the beach, beautiful pool and area flowers. We wold recommend your home.

Shelly W. - May 2011

Thank you for an overall wonderful family experience.

Elyce S. - May 2011

This was our first time to OBX and we loved it. The house was very kid-friendly and we loved the hottub and heated pool.

Lindsay S. - May 2011

We loved your house and it was the perfect in all regards. It was my favorite house in the 15 years I have been traveling to OBX.

Bettyanne S. - April 2011

We loved the private pool area and the beautiful landscaping, the closeness to the beach, main floor is beautiful and very spacious.

Kellie M. - October 2010

Yours is by far the most well equiped and "family" oriented we all had a fantastic vacation!

Lynn N. - September 2010

Very nice owners we recommend this house. Found your home on VRBO.

Patrick M. - September 2010

This is the seond consecutive year we rented your home.

Julie S. - August 2010

Thank you for letting us enjoy your beautiful home. We liked the location and everything about it.

Christine P. - July 2010

We have stayed at your home before and we would recommend again.

Beverly R. - July 2010

Proximity to the beach, kitchen and bathroom would make us rent again. Thank you for the ice cream certificate!

Jared H. - July 2010

Absolutely wonderful.

We have never been treated so kindly before. The most we've had was a bottle of wine in the fridge. We truly enjoyed your home. You are wonderful. Thank you.


Rebecca W. - June 2010

Thank you for the T Shirts, gift certificate and a great vacation.

Doreen E. - June 2010

We have rented for 18 years on the Outer Banks. House was great. Pool too. Proximity to the beach a plus as is Four Seasons.

Jim W. - June 2010

Of course we would recommend your home - very clean, great selection in the kitchen and closeness to the beach and amount of rooms.

We found you on VRBO.

Michelle G. - June 2010

We enjoyed your house very much. We like the playground across the street, outdoor pool and indoor pool even though we didn't get to use them this time.

Al S, - May 2010

The house was wonderful and we would consider renting your house again.

Erik C. - May 2010

The house was amazingly well stocked! The heated pool was the deal maker for us. I would absolutely recommend the house.

We found you on VRBO.

Louisa Y. - April 2010

Thank You! The heated pool was the kicker. Love the adirondack chairs. Our week was just perfect. Mother nature gave us good weather, your home was everything we needed - add friendship and the sum total was the best vacation we've had in a long time!

Colleen D. - April 2010

We'd definitely rent again. Your attention to details and concern for our stay are enough for us to choose your house again. The extras like the tshirts and ice cream are a nice touch. That we've never had in our prior rentals

Dan M. - April 2010

We would definitely recommend to others - highly recommended! You guys really go above and beyond.

Jan S. - November 2009

My 2 1/2 year old is a big reader and the books were a huge hit. We have 2 small children and the toys, playground and indoor pool were great.

Pamela W. - October 2009

Thank you for providing our family with a very enjoyable vacation at your home in Four Seasons. The house was just as you described it "Kid Friendly". It was tastefully decorated without having excess things around for little children to damage.

We found you on VRBO.

Frank and Kathy M. - October 2009

Your house was very well equipped and near the playground, near the beach. You split the cost of the heated pool with us and we used it all the time. Having a heated pool in September was a big plus! We would definetly recommend your home and we have to co-workers.

Donna G. - September 2009

Thank you for sharing your home with us for our vacation. We had a wonderful time! We loved the heated pool and the proximity to the beach. Thank you for picking up half the cost to heat it.

Tammy P. - September 2009

Thank you for the t-shirts what a nice touch! The upstairs master bedroom was great - we were able to see the sunrise and hear the ocean. This was the first house that had sand chairs for our personal use. A wagon to cart everthing to the beach - you have thought of everything!

Linda M. - September 2009

Thanks for the t-shirts. We liked the kids toys and kids gates. Nice house and location.

Alison M. - September 2009

We would recommend and in fact we have already rented the same week for 2010.

Julie S. - August 2009

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in your house and appreciated the many thoughtful features and items that were available in the house. These included books, movies, beach items, children's toys and baby toys. You have a very family oriented house with many nice features.

We loved the t-shirts and hope you enjoyed the picture we sent of us wearing them!

Alden and Dorian S. - August 2009

We would recommend your home. We made the decision together to rent your home and made the reservation online at the Twiddy website.

Beverly R. - July 2009

Very well stocked kitchen. Thanks!

Christy D. - July 2009

Thank you for the advance letter, information and certificate. We enjoyed your home and Duck.

Thomas C. - June 2009

Your dedication to the happiness and satisfaction of your guests exceeds anything we've experienced in the past. Thanks again for allowing us to stay in your home.


Christina W. - May 2009

Thank you for providing a wonderful vacation experiece again.

Derek C. - May 2009

It was a great place. We really enjoyed it. Thanks for your hospitality.

John B. - May 2009

Love how much communication you all offer - I can tell how much you care about your property.

Sarah K. - April 2009

Heated Pool is a big plus for us with 7 children.

Scott W. - April 2009

Home was everything we hoped for.

Pam K - November 2008

Thank you for an awesome vacation rental. We would absolutely rent your home again. We loved the location, the heated pool, the porches. the layout and the kitchen was very nicely equipped.

Deb S - October 2008

We would definitely recommend your home. It was a great vacation and my brother and brother-in-law enjoyed the t-shirts you sent.

Catherine S - September 2008

We loved the pool area - so pretty with landscaping. The kids books are a great touch. The indoor community pool was very important in the event of bad weather since we have small children.

Lindsey F - September 2008

The fact that the house is kid friendly. The stairways being gated was a huge help. All the children's books and toys came in handy.

Stephen D - August 2008

Thank you we had a lovey time in your home and are looking forward to a return visit. You can hear the ocean from the decks and get wonderful breezes. The kids are wearing the t-shirts :)

Mary D - August 2008

Thanks for sharing your home! We loved the house and would certainly recommend it.

Barbara C - August 2008

We had a great time in your home and thank you.

Maryellen C - July 2008

Our family had a wonderful time during their stay at No Worries Mate. You have a wonderful home that obviously means a great deal to you. Thanks again.

John M - July 2008

We really loved it.

Julie J - July 2008

We love your neighborhood and you are close to everything Duck has to offer. Our family had a wonderful time and we recommend it.

Carrie M - June 2008

We loved the floor plan and the kitchen. Thanks for sharing your lovely home with us.

Timothy G - May 2008

Your house is well maintained and organized and we look forward to renting again soon (May 2009!).

Derek C - May 2008

This was our first time to OBX and everyone had a great time. We are enjoying our t-shirts!

Cynthia S - May 2008

You have a great place and all of our family enjoyed it. You provided everything we want.

Kenneth M - April 2008

We enjoyed your home very much and we are looking forward to returing next year and have already placed an advance reservation. Thank you for thinking of the small stuff - it meant a lot to us. Our chlidren range in age from 1 to 12.

Scott W - April 2008

We were very comfortable in the house and would definitely rent again. The heated pool was a plus especially in March and early April when we rented.

Rick G - April 2008

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