About Our Home

We have continually worked to upgrade our home.

In 2015 we completed the installation of 9 Flat Screen Smart TV's. We also have the fastest WiFi available in the area. The patio was enlarged to accomodate the 6 new mesh lounge chairs by the pool. We also painted all the bedrooms and halls on the 1st and 2nd floor.

In 2014 we replaced the washer and dryer. In 2013 - we replaced 2 of the "comfy chairs" in the family room. The pool heater was replaced in 2012.

In 2011 we installed a New Flat Screen TV in the Family room with a Blu-Ray and DVD player for your enjoyment.

Over the winter in 2010-2011 we replaced the carpet in 4 bedrooms and refinished the hardwood on the top floor to restore its original brilliance.

Update August 2010 - We installed a second dishwasher in the kitchen and replaced the hot tub with a brand new 6 seater!

We survey each of our guests and we specifically ask if they would recommend our home to family and friends and in 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 and in 2008 – every guest that completed our survey (except 2) said they would recommend our home. This is especially gratifying for us because we rent our home for approximately 20 weeks each year. We appreciate the loyalty of our guests.


No Worries Mate was built in late 2002. We purchased our vacation home from the original owners in May 2004. We spent three weeks at our home in 2004 upgrading and adding amenities. We plan to spend 2 weeks each year at No Worries Mate. We want all of our guests to enjoy our home as much as we do. We take unique steps to insure that our vacation home is inviting and has outstanding amenities so your vacation will be a memorable one. While we can’t control the weather, our goal is to provide a premier vacation experience for all our guests especially families with children. We expect you to have “No Worries” when you are at our home.


We have had the entire inside of the house repainted twice and we added accent colors in virtually every room - this really makes each room much warmer. In addition, we installed numerous new curtains and comforters and replaced many of the bedroom lamps - all to let you know that we are committed to providing you with a great vacation home that you can come back to that is well maintained.


Over 200 Amenities Added or Upgraded from 2004 to 2015

To Make Your Stay More Enjoyable


After thinking about places we have stayed and after asking many of our friends, we made over 200 additionsor upgrades to the amenities at our home from 2004 through 2015 and more are planned, so you can really enjoy a relaxing and fun-filled vacation. Here are just some of them:

·        Since the beginning of the 2005 rental season we have provided a heated pool during specific weeks. Price based on market condidtions.

·       Wireless Internet at the fastest speed available.  We know that unfortunately sometimes work must be attended to while on vacation so we hope this makes it a little bit easier.

·        The game room was rearranged to accommodate a new pool table, new couch and the rug in the family room was replaced. Every bedroom had been re-carpeted.

·      The beautiful hammock is a perfect spot to nap and enjoy the breeze on a lazy afternoon.  There’s even room for two!

·        We install a new gas grill every couple of years the last time in 2015. There is a full-sized picnic table on the top deck so the whole family can barbecue and enjoy the evening breezes and ocean views. There is also a picnic table by the pool.

·        Our extended family loves to cook so we added a large crab/lobster/clam steamer, 10 new frying pans including stainless steel pans and cooking pots, many large serving bowls and platters and over 20 baking dishes and pans. We now provide a Kuerig coffee maker. We replace virtually all of the small kitchen appliances every year and have upgraded many of them. 

·        We installed 6 comfy mesh lounge chairs for the pool along with 4 Adirondack chairs so there’s room for everyone.  We added new steps to the hot tub so it’s easier to get in and out and a new easy to lift cover. It's so quiet you can take a late night romantic dip without waking anyone.

·        There’s new bench seating in all of the larger bedrooms to make it easier to get dressed.

·        We stocked the shelves with almost 200 paperbacks.  Feel free to take one with you but leave one of yours there for the next guest.  We have many DVD's for your enjoyment when you’ve had too much sun plus you can stream movies on the smart TV's with your own account.

·        Since we have young daughters and know that many of you are coming with your young children, we have made many changes to make this the most kid friendly house in Duck.  We brought lots of board books, children’s videos and added a new Flat Screen TV in the game room.  There are many beach and pool toys for the kids at the start of each season. There are lots of outlet covers – feel free to move them as needed.  We also put nightlights in the halls and the bathrooms for those late night drinks of water.  There is also an umbrella stroller if you need it for a small child. There is a crib,  a pack and play crib and 2 high chairs. We installed a new baby gate inside and 2 new outside baby gates.

·        We put together a book of information on places to eat, shop and visit – you should find it on the kitchen counter (please leave it on the counter at the end of the week for the next guests).  Instructions for the appliances and other equipment are in the drawer next to the refrigerator.


Three Things Most Owners Never Do (Or Even Think About)

  1. We send each guest a welcome letter to get you excited about your upcoming vacation.  In it we let you know all the new and exciting changes we have made to enhance your stay.
  2. We normally call you mid-week to make sure everything is as you expected and we will follow-up with our rental manager if you need anything.
  3. Finally, we seek your suggestions and feedback in a survey after your stay.  We have made many changes from 2004 through 2015 based on survey suggestions.

We do all of this to let you know that we are active owners and that this is our home – not just another rental investment.


Be sure to check out the Location Map on the We Are So Close To Ocean page, and the Amenities and Photo pages. These all complement the excellent presentation by Twiddy and Company, our management company.


We want all of our guests to return again and again because they enjoyed our home and hospitality. Recommendation of our home to their friends and family is the best compliment any guest can give us.


Mike and Denise Jeffries

September 2015


Disclaimer - Unfortunately, some things may change during each season due to breakage, theft or other unforseen circumstances. All guests should contact Twiddy & Company if this occurs.


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